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Trouble paying attention is often first identified by a teacher who notices that a student seems more easily distracted than most other kids his age.

Maybe the child takes an unusually long time to finish schoolwork in class. Maybe homework assignments often go missing. While all children, especially those who are very young, tend to have shorter attention spans and be more distractible than adults, some have much more trouble focusing and staying on task than. Since difficulty paying attention is widely associated with ADHDthat tends to be the first thing teachers, parents, and clinicians suspect.

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But there are a number of other possibilities that can be contributing to attention problems. Here is a checklist of some of the other issues that may make a child struggle to pay attention in school:.

A child who seems not to be focusing in school could have chronic worries that teachers and even parents are not aware of. A child with separation anxiety might be so preoccupied about something yd happening to her parents while she is apart from them that she is unable to concentrate on schoolwork. Some kids are extremely worried about making a mistake or embarrassing themselves. When the teacher is calling on them, they may try to disappear, Dr.

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Shuster notes. Kids with OCDwhich often starts in the grade-school years, have an added source of distraction: They not only have obsessive thoughts, but feel they must perform rituals, or compulsions, to prevent bad things from happening.

A child with OCD might be compulsively lining things up on his desk, or tapping, or counting in his head. Or he might be focused on needing to go to the lavatory to wash his hands.

Children can also appear to be suffering from inattention myabe they have been impacted by a trauma. Kids whose home lives involve acute stress may develop these symptoms, or even post-traumatic latvian female names disorder. Jamie Howard, a clinician at the Child Mind Institute who specializes in trauma.

When a child seems to be looking everywhere but at the pages of the book escorts that swallow is supposed to be reading, another possible cause is that she has a learning disorder. Join our list and be among the first to know when we publish new articles.

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Get useful news and insights right in your inbox. If a child struggling with math, he might welcome distractions that allow him to think about something else, or avoid completing the assignment. Some kids are able to compensate for their learning disabilities by working extra hard, and they may be successful until they reach a grade where the work becomes too challenging.

Nancy Rappaport, a Harvard Medical School professor who specializes in mental health care in school setting. Inattention that is outside the typical range is one of the three key symptoms of ADHD, along with impulsivity and hyperactivity.

Some kids do demonstrate only inattentive symptoms. To make an accurate diagnosis, a clinician should collect information from several people who have observed your child, including you, other caregivers, and teachers.

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Parents and teachers should be asked to fill out a rating scale, to capture an accurate assessment of the frequency of symptoms. The behavior has to continue over an extended period, and be observed in more than one setting-both at home and at school, for instance. And clinicians should carefully rule out other possible reasons for his behavior.

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This suggests that that immaturity may also be mistaken for ADHD. Read More: Join.

Follow ChildMindInst. There are a number of other possibilities that can be contributing to attention problems. Get our email?

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Support your students. Receive practical tips and strategies to better assist your students.

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