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Any lady want sushi for tonight

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All rights reserved. Sushi depends on seaweed.

Spicy tuna, abalone, eel, cucumber, yellowtail, and in California rolls avocado all come to the table encased in vinegary rice and wrapped in sheets of seaweed which—though distinctly green after processing—come from a species of red seaweed formally known as Porphyra. The Japanese call it nori.

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The Japanese began cultivating nori in the s by planting bamboo poles or bundles of brushwood in shallow salty water to serve as anchoring spots. In the s, seaweed farmers doubled their yields by replacing the poles with nets.

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Then disaster struck. A series of typhoons in decimated the Omani girl seaweed beds and, since next to nothing was known about the life cycle of seaweeds, no one knew how to grow new replacement plants.

The nori industry tanked. Drew-Baker was working with a seaweed called laver, a nori relative commonly found along the west coast of Britain and the east coast of Ireland. Want to try it?

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Order your canned laver. Biologically, the seaweed behind this breakfast munchie is startlingly weird.

Shshi large leaflike blades of nori and laver are just one half of the seaweed story. Drew-Baker discovered that a tiny, wormlike alga—previously believed to be a whole different species—was actually also a form of laver. The large edible blades, it fro out, are sex organs: When the two get together, the resultant minuscule offspring, known as a conchocelis, any lady want sushi for tonight into a seashell, where it develops into a pinkish, filamentous crust, capable of producing spores.

The spores, in turn, develop into more laver blades. Drew-Baker did her groundbreaking research as an unpaid research fellow.

She was fired from her teaching position at the University of Manchester when she married in Her husband helped build a fuck buddy Gladstone tank in her unfunded laboratory, and Drew-Baker collected her specimens in old jam jars. Seaweed, nutritionally, is terrific stuff.

It contains more iron than sirloin steak, more calcium than cheese, and a hefty dose of vitamin Any lady want sushi for tonight, essential for the manufacture of red blood cells.

Some research indicates that seaweed may help prevent cardiovascular disease. When British chef Jamie Oliver dropped an unwanted 30 pounds, he attributed it to a diet of seaweed. Seaweed has been eaten by coastal people since prehistoric times, and today about species of seaweed are routinely used as food worldwide.

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Actually, seaweed is more delicious than most might think. The main ingredient in kombu turned out to be glutamate, and to describe its flavor, Ikeda coined the term umami, generally translated as savory. Check out some recipes. Read Caption.

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Without a certain female scientist, this maki-sushi rolled in nori might not exist. Like Sushi?

Like Sushi? Thank a Female Phycologist for Saving Seaweed

Thank a Female Phycologist for Saving Seaweed. By Rebecca Rupp. Nori laying out to dry under the sun in Fujian Province, China.

But next we have to learn to cook and eat it. Continue Reading.