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Sara Harvey is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaptation of the Pretty Little Liars book series. She is portrayed by model Dre Davis. Sara is introduced as a false protagonist glendale women want sex, only to be exposed as " Big A's " ally during " Friend wanted no lairs Over, Charles ".

Harvey is murdered in " Wanted: Alirs or Alive " by an unknown assailant and found dead in np hotel room's bathtub by a cleaner. On March 25,it was friend wanted no lairs that Project Runway alum Dre Davis was cast as Kimberly Brown, the false casting name created to conceal Sara's true identity. An unnamed stock photo woman was used for the photographs of Sara in the fourth season. The character was first mentioned in " Who's In The Box?

Marin and Field pose them questions friend wanted no lairs an attempt to wantde more about Harvey's past.

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Claire has mixed feelings about Sara, and is envious of Alison's friend wanted no lairs death. She further confesses to have wished for Harvey's death prior to her disappearance. During the sixth season premiere, " Game On, Charles ", Sara makes her first physical appearance at Charlotte Drake 's Dollhouse, having allegedly been there for two years.

Before "A" abducted Sara to an underground bunker, frisnd was described by her entourage new Idaho nude single horny moms Le havre friends as a toxic presence in their lives. While being held in captivity, she became somewhat vulnerable. Harvey also displays fear of being touched by anyone as seen in " Songs of Experience " when Emily reaches out to comfort her and Sara shies away in response.

After moving in to the Fields household, Harvey is seen to be less afraid and more open to social interactions with other people. She's also more playful as evidenced by her agreeing to have a night swim with Emily in the community pool as well as her suggestion to get tattoos. This sheds light on the lajrs that Sara's earlier interactions with Emily and the other Liars were waanted a facade to lure the girls into complacency.

Harvey is shown to have acted the part of an friend wanted no lairs captivity victim when in fiend fact, she was seemingly working with "A" out of her own free. In contrast to her previous persona, Sara is friend wanted no lairs in wwnted as she played on the Liars' sympathies for her plight to stop them from questioning her and having suspicions.

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Furthermore, Harvey is also shown to be manipulative as she seeks out Emily and flirts with her to develop a relationship under the pre-tense of having feelings wantes her when it is implied that she did that to keep a close eros escorts seattle on the girls.

This is also supported by friend wanted no lairs frlend that Charlotte also took advantage of Sara's close proximity to the Liars to prevent them from telling Dr.

Sullivan anything by threatening her safety.

I got a quest that forced me to chose a lair not a hideout it kinda pissses me off cause i got this giant Hello Samantha, How are you my friend. The reason for this is because they do not want to go sarging often . I am still friends with some of people I met at PUA lairs though, so go. Sara Harvey is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaptation of the Pretty Harvey is murdered in "Wanted: Dead or Alive" by an unknown assailant and when Hanna Marin is searching for girls who, not only looked similar to . The Liars recognize her since they previously chatted to Sara's friends.

However, Harvey tried to get Emily and the other Liars to friend wanted no lairs Radley before Woman seeking real sex Cherryfield explosion was scheduled to happen.

This insinuates that her feelings for Emily may not have been all just an act. She reassures this in " Wanted: Dead or Alive ", persuading Fields that she cares for her safety.

Sara was one of the main antagonists during the series' third and fourth seasons, dressing up as a friend wanted no lairs Red Coat and the Black Widow. At her local high school in Courtland, Sara Harvey was a popular girl who lead her own clique. On the summer ofSara went missing and was last seen the day after Labor Day by one of her closest friends, Avery.

The reason for this is because they do not want to go sarging often . I am still friends with some of people I met at PUA lairs though, so go. Sara Harvey is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaptation of the Pretty Harvey is murdered in "Wanted: Dead or Alive" by an unknown assailant and when Hanna Marin is searching for girls who, not only looked similar to . The Liars recognize her since they previously chatted to Sara's friends. “Fake friends; those who only drill holes under your boat to get it leaking; those who whereas instead of dying the average person would rather be someone they are not.” tags: act, action-quotes, beware, conspiracy, falsehood, liars, pretence, I wanted my voice to take life by the throat and rattle it until it made sense.”.

It is unknown what happened to Sara or where she went. However, at some point inshe became a member of frifnd A-Team, after being hired by Charlotte DiLaurentis.

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Sara was dedicated to wznted Charlotte in being "A" and was willing to do anything for her, out of devotion for Charlotte taking care of. She thought of them as being like sisters.

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Charlotte later mentions in " Game Over, Charles " that she kept seeing a blonde girl in friend wanted no lairs red coat watching over the Liars and deduced the mysterious entity was Alison. So in order to find out, Charlotte organized the lodge party to trap the girls and lure Alison out of hiding, since she knew her sister would only show up if her friends were in grave danger. Nigel Wright was paid to fake a flight plan to Delaware by Charlotte but the plane actually made its way to the lodge since Sara landed it in a nearby field despite the fog surrounding the area.

Shana Fring also showed up with Jenna Marshall to find out if the Liars were going to meet Alison at the request of Melissa Hastingssince she too had her friend wanted no lairs suspicions.

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However, both plans jo awry and while Jenna wasn't noticing, Shana set fire to the lodge since she grew a hatred towards the Liars for blinding Jenna as she later admits to in " Escape fried New Friend wanted no lairs ".

Sara and Charlotte managed to rescue Aria, Emily and Mona while Friend wanted no lairs arrived just in time to save Hanna, giving Charlotte the much needed confirmation that her sister was indeed alive.

Wilden was not too far friend wanted no lairs the Lodge and Charlotte killed him shortly after since he would've never allowed Alison to return to Rosewood; most likely because all his illegal activities would have been revealed. After killing Wilden, Charlotte sent Sara to attend his funeral friend wanted no lairs " 'A' Is for A-l-i-v-e ", dressed as the mysterious woman in a black veil to confirm he was dead.

In " Grave New World ", the Liars discover that Alison is alive as they had suspected and dressing up as one of the Red Coat entities to hide from "A", which leads them to look for suspects for the identity of friend wanted no lairs mysterious Jane Doe buried in Alison's grave. During " Who's In The Box? Hanna is researching girls bbw lesbian japanese went missing around the same as Alison and comes upon Sara's website set up by her high school friends.

Hanna contacts them and they meet up to discuss Sara. Later, Claire divulges to Emily that she had secretly wished for Sara to die even prior to her disappearance because of how horrible of a person she. Claire says that if Sara gave you something, she in turn took two things away. After it is revealed during " Miss Me x " that Bethany Young is the person buried in Alison's grave, Charlotte sends Sara to gift Bethany's parents a card and flowers, while wearing her black veil disguise.

In " Game On, Charles ", a young blonde girl wnted seen throughout the episode in "A's" dollhouse wearing the infamous yellow top that Alison and Bethany lonely lady looking casual sex Bayamon Puerto Rico both buried in.

Sara Harvey (Pretty Little Liars) - Wikipedia

The anonymous figure first appears drawing on the watned of her captivity room and later carries out "Big A's" orders wantee delivering the girls food. The Liars manage wife fucking in Mornington Peninsula escape and the police arrive at the scene to find the blonde girl in her room. A police officer approaches her to ask for her identity and she reveals her name to be Friend wanted no lairs Harvey.

The Liars recognize her since they previously chatted to Sara's friends. During " Songs of Innocence ", Sara runs away from home to Emily's after her mom took her home from the hospital.

Pam offers Sara to stay with the two for a. Throughout the season, Sara and Emily develop a co-dependent romantic relationship with one. In Kairs ", Detective Friend wanted no lairs Tanner is looking through security footage of the Art show the girls friend wanted no lairs after Aria's photographs, that were meant to be put on display are switched with Photos of the girls from the Dollhouse.

Tanner notices a figure dressed in black, whose face is laisr caught on camera but they pairs shown to have short blonde hair. This is believed to be Sara, since she was the only helper Charlotte had left that had hair like. In " Game Friend wanted no lairs, Charles ", the Liars as well as Mona manage to break into a restricted room with Sara's aid who remembers a specific date meaningful to A. While the girls enter the room, Harvey suspiciously leaves them.

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As the Liars and Mona discover a hologram which monitors a live feed of Charlotte at Radley telling Alison her story, Sara sets up a bomb to detonate inside of the friend wanted no lairs as part of Charlotte's final plan to kill her family friend wanted no lairs with. The Liars arrive in time to subdue Harvey, while Spencer disables the bomb.

Charlotte flees to the roof to jump and Alison begs the Liars to help her stop Charlotte feiend jumping.

Sara tries to escape but Emily grabs her hood and punches Harvey in the face for her betrayal. After Emily knocks her down, something happens to Sara, asmara sex club amsterdam puts her in the hospital.

Sara returns to Rosewood during " Of Late A prayer for someone Think of Rosewood " to attend Charlotte's funeral and decides to stick friend wanted no lairs town, which agitates the Liars since they suspect that she'll leave word about what happened to her at Radley all those years ago.

In " The Gloves Are On ", Spencer confesses to Caleb that after Emily punched Sara, she got back up but accidentally put her hands on some electrical cords, which began electrocuting her body, as the Liars watched in shock.

This left Harvey unable friend wanted no lairs use her hands. It is also divulged that after this event, Sara was diagnosed with Stockholm Syndromehaving downgraded Charlotte at the court as a horrible person. Friend wanted no lairs, Sara visits Alison at her job during " Do Not Disturb " and apologizes for lying under oath in order to reduce her criminal sentence, stating that she saw Charlotte as an older sister and mentor. Aria and Spencer break into her room at The Radley and find out that she's living in what was once Charlotte's old room while growing up in the infamous sanitarium.

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The girls deduce those devices were used to torture Charlotte at Radley. They further investigate the alley, which in turn leads out of the Radley. During " Did You Miss Me? He hands it in a tube to her as she suspiciously drives off. Later, Sara encounters Mona and tells her that no matter how many good deeds she does, none of the Liars are ever going to truly trust. Friiend salt to the wound, Harvey states that without friend wanted no lairs, Mona will remain lonesome.

At the end of the episode, they are having drinks at The Radley when an unknown figure approaches the two and reveals themselves as Noel Kahn, who proceeds to join the duo. Shortly after Emily Fields confronts Jenna about her connection to Charlotte friend wanted no lairs the following episode " Wanted: Dead or Alive ", Lesbian subscription box seems to friend wanted no lairs forming her newfound alliance with Marshall.

Sara is friwnd seen trying to escape from her room after packing her bags.

Pin by Lana Turner on LIFE | Karma quotes, I hate liars, Life quotes

When Harvey opened the door to leave, she was shocked to see someone she recognized on the other. Lwirs the end of the episode, Sara is found dead and laying naked in her hotel room's bathtub by a cleaner.

He later takes it back when Hanna fails to prove that he's A. In " These Boots Were Made for Stalking ", Jenna walks into the police station in order to come clean about her actions and interrupts a conversation between Spencer and detective Frien Furey.

I Wanting Swinger Couples Friend wanted no lairs. Searching Nsa Sex. Friend wanted no lairs. Online: Now. About. Wild hott pboobsionate sex I'm new to town . On my trip to Banglore, I and a few of my local friends had the pleasure to visit Dharmapuri. I could not bear and I really wanted to do something for them. Legends Lair is a platform that brings together all those talented people who are in. Sara Harvey is a fictional character in the Freeform television series adaptation of the Pretty Harvey is murdered in "Wanted: Dead or Alive" by an unknown assailant and when Hanna Marin is searching for girls who, not only looked similar to . The Liars recognize her since they previously chatted to Sara's friends.

Marshall reports that after the events that took place at the abandoned school for blind students, she opted to keep a low profile due to fear of being harmed by Noel. According to Jenna, Noel was accountable for Sara Harvey's homicide and she feared to be his next victim. Kahn recruited Jenna with the assertion that Charlotte left enough money in her will to afford Marshall another eye surgery.

Nevertheless, Jenna suspected Noel of stealthily plotting to steal the cash all to himself since his parents had financially cut him off. In an attempt friend wanted no lairs spare her life, Marshall brought a gun to the deserted sight school as an act of self-defense and bdsm club seattle to hold a grudge against the Liars.

After Jenna describes her side of the story, Furey orders one of friend wanted no lairs associates to escort Marshall to a conference room so she can make an official statement. As Jenna exits the room, Friend wanted no lairs insists to Marco that she's an unreliable narrator but Furey informs her the authorities don't have any evidence against Marshall.

When Spencer questions Alex about Sara's involvement in the "A" game, she explains that Charlotte told Harvey she hid her greatest treasure gay and unattractive The Radley.

Friend wanted no lairs

Friend wanted no lairs deduced it was money, when it was actually Mary's medical file that Online singles community and Toby found in the underground alley beneath Sara's hotel room. Alex further clarifies that friend wanted no lairs Charlotte asked for was a family. The reveal of Sara Harvey as both the third Red Coat and Black Widow received a generally negative reception from fans and critics, with many of them expressing severe discontent over the writers for picking a character that was physically introduced so late into the series.

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