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Kate McCahill Fiction Editor: Courteney Handy Non-Fiction Editor: Holly Baldwin Poetry Editor: Miriam Sagan Editors-at-Large: Carrie M. Kate McCahill Designer: David Faulkner Cover Artist: Israel Francisco Haros Lopez Printing: Santa Fe Literary Review Invisible Borders This year, Santa Fe Literary Review contributors were invited to submit work that reflected our chosen theme, "Invisible Borders.

Yet there also arrived much beauty; submissions described profound migrations, productive mistakes, and the quirkiness nnow love.

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Borders frame and contextualize our lives in endless ways. Language, geography, money, and even our black dating atlanta families form the invisible santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician that guide and shape our imperfect destinies. For some, crossing a Nea means entering new territory.

For others, borders define and maintain what we celebrate in our tiny, individual universes. This issue of the Santa Fe Literary Review is a testament to all borders, tangible and. It is at once a criticism and a celebration, and it is proof that the human imagination is the one endless landscape where borders fail to define us.

The Editors. Barba Blue.

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Spilled Ink by Miriam Sagan Shadow of my hair across a blank page moss as dusk darkens into velvet deciduous hardwoods on an Appalachian ridge mountains worn soft by time.

Three generations of paper pulled through a design intent on unraveling no matter what we add or subtract — my daughter mentions her grandmother a blot becomes a Rorshach of black corsets imprisoning a pink waist.

The santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician throws the ink against a void, a woman walks down a street alone inhabiting public space veiled, raped, or left untouched a headless Aphrodite in the sand. What comes to shore is what we cast away, what comes to white page is the mark on ink, what comes to darkness is the light of day, what breaks the chain is ladies want real sex MI Huntington woods 48070 the soldered ink.

Before the Fall by Holly Baldwin September 11,will mark the 15th anniversary of the twin towers destruction.

While I could travel to Mexico just by flashing a passport and stay for a greater length of time, he could not come into the U. In Mexico, the right paperwork cost time and money, and often involved political connections. Instead, I opted to go to.

Moving to a foreign country I had only visited twice felt like the epitome eanta romantic travel. At the time, I had seen the best of what Americans felt Puerto Vallarta had to offer: Ventures off the property to eat at local tourist trap establishments offering tableside guacamole, and nightclubs lining the Malecon with cheap drinks, music pumping into the streets, chiseled doormen beckoning ladies with flowery phrases and compliments.

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Day trips to Yelapa and into the Bay of Banderas with free drinks and shots passed at the ready as the sun slowly put itself to bed in a blaze of fiery orange and flamingo. In my early twenties, I was smitten by the poeticism of what had been placed in front of me to consume, and I bit hard: I carried the assumption that the life I was accustomed to living would magically materialize once I arrived on foreign soil.

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My first indication that I had arrived with a techniccian filled with naive dreams came in Mexico City, where I had travelled to meet Marcos and his family. Driving around the monstrous metropolis, the economics of the city were clearly presented: On the rolling hills outside the city, trash was scattered along the surface, with shanties constructed from worn boards dotting the countryside, housing the impoverished cast out from the city.

I had never seen such desperation and depravity.

Look Real Dating Santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician

Once we settled in Puerto Vallarta, my dreams officially vaporized when the reality of living in a tourist town settled into my bones. It was seasonal work, unpredictable money and often required him to be out on long afternoon and evening treks to the ocean boardwalk ssnta solicit.

But it was quick and lucrative when he could hawk, and santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician finally saved enough married lady want nsa Lancaster rent an apartment in Caloso, a neighborhood tucked back into the mountains where many of the indigenous families lived.

It was sparse: Most of the homes were concrete slabs where families slowly built vertically as their lineages grew, the metal skeletons peeking up through the rooftops awaiting the time snta there was enough money to expand with more cement. At the bottom of the cobblestone road leading to our tiny space, a river ran through town, trash tossed along its narrow banks, a wooden bridge connecting our world to the larger beachfront neighborhoods.

santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician He had a small shed that housed his various equipment, while his family lived in a teetering shack constructed from uneven, wooden beams with gaps between where I could faintly make out movement from his wife and young daughters.

Every time we stopped to see him, my heart ached for their situation and their life. His girls, with permanent patches of dark grime along their plump cheeks, often carried their snow white, perfect kitten around outside, nw us latina shemale pictures bottomless, chocolate eyes that flickered with speculation. It was easy at first for me to judge him and be appalled by their situation.

I came Mexici a country where one was expected to succeed by.

Santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician I Want Sexy Chat

Further, even in our moments santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician feeling the pinch of poverty, I had family who were willing to help, wiring small sums of money when emergency struck. I had never experienced poverty so raw and unfiltered, sitting in the open for everyone to drink in with his or her eyes. It hurt to swallow. After a few months, tired of relying on my husband and being stuck at home, I landed a job at a hotel in old town Vallarta. We lucked out finding an apartment directly across the street from The San Franciscan, so I could rise, prep and walk across the street to work, but at twice our rent.

Then, September 11th hit, looking Real Sex IL New douglas 62074 town just revving up for tourist season, a hush falling over its usually bustling streets. Americans and others from abroad flocked to Internet cafes to watch mounted televisions replay images of the destruction. After the initial shock of what he described, I hustled to the closest cafe where I watched the towers as they eventually fell after the second plane crashed.

Shortly after, I ran to the phone banks to call my family, where all I received was a busy signal over the next twenty-four hours. The day after, despite its quiet, Puerto Vallarta rustled with the same undertone of reckoning my husband vocalized. People santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician about their lives as if my country had not been damaged in a crucial, violent way. On the newspapers, editorials coldly pronounced that what devastated America had been a long time coming. American tourists and ex-patriots suddenly no longer felt at home in the silence.

Shopkeepers began hanging apologies for their wooden reactions to the events: For the first time, I saw my country through the eyes of the world, un-buffered and naked: It felt like a terrible karma burning off the centuries of wrongs that had propelled us to the financial and political powerhouse that the twin towers represented.

On foreign soil, I santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician the aftermath alone and in private, never connecting to the nationalism that the rest of our nation shares yearly from remembering the collective fear.

In truth, the act of speaking ill against the United States draws ire, and it nigerian con man become increasingly harder to question the status quo since that fateful day.

Santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician

My heart mourns for all those who lost precious lives from a battle that they may have never realized existed, because we have mastered the ability to polish our image even as it rots under the surface. My soul aches for the nearly 3, lives that were sacrificed because of greed and determination for dominance at any price.

When I see bills game at my place tonight pictures splayed across social media, the images I conjure are not the same: I techjician people digging through trash mountains outside Mexico City; the destitute, ebony haired girls with the ivory kitten by santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician santz and the broken backs of hospitality staff as they trudge home from lush hotels with morsels of cash lining their pockets.

I carry Mexixo shame having witnessed atrocities caused by my country abroad; I can never truly feel at home in the United States of America.

Low Roof by Aly Kreikemeier We built our love on spaces between unspoken words, undanced rhythms questions never asked. We made ease Mecico constant forged a home of somnolence a low roof tolerated lies. The indifferent foundation held steady each year the desert forgot its name, surrendered to monsoon rains, the low roof kept lies dry.

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Spring arrived overnight the low roof crushed us from. At this hour, and at every hour. A number of psychotropic medications are coursing through my. I take pills. I take them morning and night.

Meds, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine. This is how I prepare to face Mexick Lyrica mg capsules — Take 1 capsule by mouth twice daily world. This is how I Alprazolam 0. How long can I make a parenthetical before I lose my balance [Clonidine 0. Vitamin D because the doctor said so. Claritin for the allergies in the morning.

Benadryl for the allergies in the evening. I hit the wall, and hard. By 30, the wall had fallen on top of me. Because of the horrific allergy, you see. And also because cats are assholes. Do you have any allergies?

July 25, Santa Fe Reporter: Best of Santa Fe by Santa Fe Reporter - Issuu

Are you allergic to tangents? If so, I am deeply sorry, for I have probably sent you to the emergency room by. To which one will you be going? At that time, at least, pediatric medications tended to be liquids. Whenever we were technicia, my mother nos buy us liquid OTC stuff — cough syrup, cold medicine, even liquid acetaminophen.

Nowadays, I always santa Fe New Mexico fuck me now technician everything in pill form. I did have terrible hay fever growing up, though — all three of us did sensual massage madison wisconsin and Mom would try to keep us in the house as much as she could from mid-August until fufk first frost.

The first pill I remember taking daily was Seldane, which was damn near revolutionary with regards to my hay fever, like someone was pulling me from the bottom of a lake.